Honeywell Thor VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Honeywell Thor VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

The Unmatched Power of the VM1: Built for Mobility Edge

The Honeywell Thor VM1A Android-based vehicle-mount computer is engineered for warehouse productivity. The VM1A delivers the operational efficiency of the popular Windows-based VM1, but is built on the innovative Mobility Edge platform – a platform that accelerates provisioning and deployment and reduces the total cost of ownership of the device. Easy to use and to maintain, the Thor VM1A is built for all-day productivity with a large touchscreen, an integrated keyboard, wireless connectivity and a fast processor. The Smart Dock feature makes it easy to mount and to remove from a vehicle, and the computer is designed so that your internal staff can manage basic troubleshooting and repair issues. Best of all the VM1A is backwards compatible with accessories including docks, DC cables, and mounting hardware, minimizing the cost of migrating to Mobility Edge.

Easy to Use, Easy to Deploy

Implementing new mobile computers shouldn’t disrupt your business – any extra time spent configuring new computers and training employees can eat into your productivity and negatively impact revenue. The Thor VM1A leverages Honeywell’s Mobility Edge hardware and software architecture, providing an integrated and scalable approach to accelerate development, application certification, deployment and device lifecycle management. By optimizing performance, you can lower the total cost of ownership of the devices and improve the return on your hardware investment. With the familiar and reliable Android OS, training your operators will take less time, and your investment will be future-proofed by using a widely supported platform.

Powerful Vehicle-Mount Performance

  • The field-replaceable front panel makes it easy for in-house staff to repair common touchscreen and keyboard issues without sending the device out for service.
  • Smart Dock feature enables mounting and removal of the device in seconds, without touching the cabling.
  • Powerful Qualcomm 660 processor and 8-inch touchscreen provide all-day productivity.
  • Full 64-key QWERTY keyboard with number pad and 10/20 function keys make data collection and entry a snap.
  • Mobility Edge provides support for five Android releases (N through Q), with security updates available for up to five years with the optional Sentinel service.
  • Smart TE (Terminal Emulation) included at no additional charge
Thor VM1A

Is it Time to Consider a Vehicle-Mount Computer?

Staying connected with mobile workers on the shop or warehouse floor shouldn’t impede their productivity. Forklift operators and other industrial vehicle drivers need a seamless way to access and collect data, while continuing to rapidly move products and materials. The Honeywell Thor VM1A vehicle mount computer from Honeywell allows companies to deploy a flexible, future-proofed mobile platform without making compromises or worrying that their vehicle-mount computer can’t keep up with their application needs, their workforce, or their IT infrastructure.

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