Zebra VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer

A Rugged Android Solution for the Warehouse

The VC8300 joins the VC80X as the next Android forklift solution from Zebra. The Zebra VC8300 vehicle mount computer is a rugged device that can ease migration to Android in the most cost-effective way, and can be easily deployed with any vehicle, in almost any environment. It is an ideal product to consider for upgrading Windows-based VH10, VC5090 or 8525 devices to the all-Android platform for seamless rugged mobility computing across your operation.

The VC8300 provides the familiarity and ease of use of the Android platform in a durable housing that includes support for terminal emulation applications out of the box, without back-end modifications or additional training – and comes complete with both a large touchscreen and an integrated keyboard, providing full flexibility when it comes to data input. Zebra’s Mobility DNA application suite provides additional functionality that turns Android into a robust enterprise OS that can help increase productivity while simplifying deployment.

Robust Vehicle-Mount Computing for Any Environment

The Zebra VC8300 can be installed in even the most space-constrained vehicles or material-handling equipment. The large, 8-in. display provide high resolution and brightness so that it can viewed in any lighting condition, which helps keeps your mobile employees productive. Device uptime is also maximized via the powerful 8-core processor and large amounts of RAM and Flash memory. The display and keyboard can also easily be replaced on site, reducing the need for trips to the service depot and further improving uptime.

Your investment is further protected by Zebra LifeGuard for Android, which provides OS support security updates for up to ten years (an industry best).

The VC8300 also provides additional flexibility wen it comes to data entry and data collection, with the ability to easily add features such as cordless or corded barcode scanners, mobile printers, and a push-to-talk microphone, as well as easy pairing with any Zebra Bluetooth peripheral.

A worker using a Zebra VC8300 vehicle mounted computer within a warehouse

Zebra VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer Features and Benefits

  • Built for extreme environments with IP66 sealing
  • Extended WiFi range and speed
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • Backward compatible with Zebra mounts and accessories
  • Large touchscreen and keyboard
  • Display is easily viewable both indoors and outside
  • Can be mounted in virtually any material handling vehicle
  • Option for freezer ready with internal heaters, smart temperature sensors to keep the display and keypad functional in the cold
  • StageNow Restricted Mode provides full control over Google Mobile Services
  • LifeGuard for Android provides long-term support for OS and security updates
  • Zebra VC8300 Spec Sheet
  • View the Accessories Guide
A worker utilizing a Zebra VC8300 vehicle mounted computer while operating a forklift

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