Keep Hands Free With a Wearable Computer

Optimal Ergonomics, Increased Safety

Wearable Computers Provide Freedom of Movement, Greater Efficiency

If mobility enhances productivity, then a wearable computer means an even greater advantage. Wearable computers carried on the wrist or hip leave hands free for other tasks. Workers can handle items more efficiently without having to juggle a handheld device. A wearable computer is commonly paired with a ring scanner to a wearable barcode scanner. Multimodal use combining barcode scanning with voice-directed applications further augments warehouse productivity, which not only increases accuracy but also improves communication, as workers receive guidance on the spot. Like other enterprise-grade mobile devices, wearable computers are built to withstand rigorous work environments. They are resistant to heat, cold, humidity, and tumbles. They can be used for inventory tracking, asset management, packing and shipping, order picking, and other applications.

Wearable mobile computers
Wearable mobile computers

Wearable Computers Reduce the Potential for Workplace Accidents

There are dangers in every workplace, and accidents are costly not only in terms of time and money but also in personal injury. Wearable computers can reduce risks. Workers are able to use both hands for lifting heavy items, climbing ladders, or catching themselves if they trip. Employees can also stay more alert to their surroundings instead of being distracted by a handheld device. And they’re much less likely to drop their equipment, preventing wear and tear on it as well.

Functionality and Convenience

Miles Data offers wearable computers that support the applications you need and provide the features you want:

  • Ideal for workers that need to keep both hands on the materials they are handling and moving
  • Powerful processors in the most compact devices
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Can be adjusted for use on left or right wrist
  • Flexible touch screens and customizable keypads
  • Microphone for push-to-talk calls and voice-directed applications
  • Pair with ring-style scanners to create 1D and 2D wearable barcode scanners

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