Zebra WT41N0: Most Powerful Device in it's Class

Boost Worker Productivity with High-Performance, Hands-Free Mobile Computing and Scanning

With support for voice recognition and text-to-speech engines, the Zebra WT41N0 series allows you to easily develop and deploy voice-directed applications. A built-in microphone allows push-to-talk (PTT) calls and voice-directed applications without a headset. Or you can opt for Zebra’s rugged cabled headset; its noise-cancelling microphone and enhanced acoustic quality improve productivity in the noisiest environments. And the Zebra WT41N0 supports multiple audio sources simultaneously, so an associate in training can use a wired headset for voice picking while a supervisor nearby can listen in via a Bluetooth headset.

Build a Complete Solution

Enrich the functionality of this hands-free solution with our complete accessory family. Our RS507 and RS419 ring scanners give your workers hands-free scanning that boosts productivity in the most scan intensive applications. Our rugged yet highly-cost effective cabled headset provides crystal clear voice in the noisiest and most demanding environments. You can complete this hands-free solution with the right accessories that best meet the needs of their users and environment.

Zebra WT41N0 Product Features

  • Easily connects to existing 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN
  • 2.8 inch color QVGA display with backlight
  • IP54 sealing, 4 ft. drop specification and tumble tested
  • Best-in-class dual core processor provides the power to run virtually any enterprise application
  • Ergonomic, easy to handle design

Zebra WT41N0

Why Choose Wearable Computers?

Wearable computers not only keep your mobile workers connected while keeping their hands free. This not only helps enhance productivity, but can also contribute to safety workers have both hands free when climbing stairs or lifting heavy items. A wearable computer can be paired with voice enablement, a ring barcode scanner or other peripherals depending on the tasks the worker must perform, such as inventory tracking, asset management, packing and shipping, order picking, and other applications. Wearable computers designed for industrial use feature a rugged design, so they can continue to perform even when dropped or exposed to water, dust, or low temperatures.

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