Zebra WT6000: Mobility DNA Ingredients for Superior Value

Zebra’s Next Generation Wearable Computer Brings Unparalleled Comfort to Hands-Free Mobility

Introducing the Zebra WT6000, the new Android wearable computer that sets a new standard for enterprise-class wearability. It’s smaller and lighter than other wearables on the market. With the incredible new mounting system, the Zebra WT6000 fits comfortably on every worker, on any size arm. The larger touchscreen provides more real estate to display intuitive graphical Android applications for an enhanced user experience and optimal workforce mobility

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Maximum Comfort. Maximum Durability. Maximum Productivity.

Integrated NFC allows workers to instantly tap-to-pair with Zebra’s Bluetooth ring scanner, Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth printers at the start every shift, making it easy to deploy a complete hands-free speech-directed solution. And the industrial rugged design delivers maximum uptime in your most demanding environments. The result? Maximum comfort. Maximum durability. Maximum workforce productivity. The Zebra WT6000 — putting the wearable in industrial wearable computing.

Zebra WT6000 Product Features

  • Compact size-27% lighter and 36% less volume
  • Increase worker productivity by 15% with Zebra’s total wearable solutions
  • Dustproof, spray-proof, built to handle sub-zero temperatures and 1,000 tumbles
  • Innovative all-in-one cradle charging system completes your solution

Zebra WT6000

Are Wearable Computers Right for Your Business?

If your mobile workers slow down when they must juggle a mobile device while performing the tasks necessary to their jobs, a wearable computer may be the solution you are looking for. Wearable computers leave workers’ hands free, but still keep them connected to enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), or other business applications. Paired with voice enablement solutions, wearable computers allow workers to receive voice direction, which can help them work more efficiently, accurately, and safely. Wearable computers are designed for use in the enterprise — rugged construction enables them to withstand drops and use in harsh environments.

Miles Data can explain the benefits of the Zebra WT6000 to your operations.
Miles Data can explain the benefits of the Zebra WT6000 to your operations.

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