Zebra Quik-Card ID Solution: Create Professional-Quality Cards

Quick, Professional Photo IDs with No Software Expertise

Zebra’s QuikCard ID Solution, a professional photo ID kit, gives any size organization the power to create professional-quality identification, security and commerce-related cards. Pair it with any Zebra card printer to meet your specific requirements for an end-to-end solution. This affordable, all-inclusive starter kit makes it simple for your organization to quickly and easily set up a professional ID system or other photo card program with the quality and professional appearance you require.

Zebra CardStudio for Card Creation

The kit has the Zebra CardStudio™ Professional edition design software, which includes templates for easy and fast creation of a variety of card types, a USB high-resolution digital camera for capturing photo ID pictures and a genuine Zebra™ card supplies starter kit, as well as an easy-to-assemble portable backdrop with adjustable stand.

Zebra Quik-Card ID Solution Product Features

  • Portable photo backdrop stand with reversible white/light blue color
  • Available with magnetic stripe option
  • Database management connects your database to seamlessly import data for multiple card-production applications
  • Zebra Quick Design Templates drastically reduce the time necessary to create professionally designed cards
  • High-resolution Photo ID Camera with easy-to-install and easy-to-use capabilities

Zebra Quik-Card ID Solution

Zebra QuikCard ID Solution

How Card Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

ID solutions give your organization the ability to generate ID and access control cards in house. By pairing it with a card printer, you can create magnetic stripe or embedded chip cards that store identification information. Your business can also print cards to track labor or work in progress (WIP).

Talk to Miles Data about how the Zebra Quik-Card ID Solution can benefit your organization. We can also advise you on the right printer supplies and media that will result in top quality cards.

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