Color Label Printer and Tag Printer Products

Eliminate inventory costs with the best color label printer options available, including popular Epson label printer products such as the Epson C3500 and the Epson C7500!

Discover the Best Color Label Printer for Your Business – An In-House Alternative to Preprinted Labels

Just-in-time color label printers create brilliant four-color labels displaying full photographic image quality. Do away with the two-step process of inventorying preprinted labels that will be imaged with black print later by going with single pass solution. Eliminate stocking many types of labels, lower your inventory carrying costs, and improve your speed to market. Miles Data carries several different color label printers suitable for a range of manufacturing applications. There are models can be used as Globally Harmonized System (GHS) label printers and enable you to comply with BS5609, unique device identifiers (UDI), and the BS 6509 durability specification for chemical drum labels used in maritime environments. All color label printers available through Miles Data leverage inkjet technology to deliver labels at high speed, maximizing labeling efficiencies.

A Printer for Label Printing Means Faster Printing, Lower Costs

Many companies use color barcode labels to accommodate customers requirements, help to differentiate products from each other, or both. However, they also grapple with diverse product portfolios that require smaller production runs, shorter turnaround times, and real-time inventory management all of which make preprinted color barcode labels an inflexible, inefficient, and expensive option. Color label printers solve these problems and offer other advantages. With color label printers, you can print labels only when they’re needed on blank label stock and at approximately half the cost of purchasing and maintaining large quantities of preprinted labels. Using labels created on demand with color barcode printers, instead of preprinted color barcode labels, also makes switching from one production run to another a seamless process, saving valuable time. Additionally, increasingly complex product inventories can be grouped together by type or other parameters, making them easier to locate and prepare for shipment.

Full Color Label Printer Options

Features and Benefits of a Color Label Printer

Look to Miles Data to help you select the best model for you from among its color inkjet barcode printer offerings. You can choose from color label printers with features and benefits that include:

  • Ideal for full-color heavy label printing
  • Can be used as a GHS label printer or for printing labels that comply with UDI or other regulations and standards
  • Support for large fan-folded or rolled media and glossy stock
  • Print speed of up to 4 or 11.8 inches per second or 16.5 pages of labels per minute
  • Built-in programming language emulation

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