Epson C3500: Color Labels are the New Standard

Fast, Full-Color Label Printer for Just-in-Time Color Printing

The Epson C3500 compact, four-color inkjet printer features fast printing speeds up to 4 inches/second, a banding reduction mode and a nozzle check system that produces a reliable output of high volume labels with excellent image quality. In addition, it offers multiple easy-to-use features such as an auto-cutter, easy paper loading and an LCD with printer status readouts. Designed for high-duty commercial environments, the rugged Epson C3500 is dust and water-resistant and built to last. It has an MTBF of 88 thousand hours.

The Epson C3500 printer enables you to dramatically reduce the cost of your label operations. Instead of maintaining an expensive inventory of preprinted labels, you can print the labels you need when you need them. In addition, the C3500 features individual ink cartridges for a more efficient use of ink.

Epson C3500 Product Features

  • Ideal for high-mix, low-volume applications
  • Compact, robust design for commercial use
  • High-quality four-color inkjet printing, individual ink cartridges for efficient use of ink
  • Easily adjust to handle 1.2 inches to 4.4 inches widths
  • Rear-feed capability for fanfold and large rolls

Epson C3500

The Benefits of Color Barcode Printers

If your business requires color labels, color barcode printers can enable you to create them in house. This allows you to eliminate a two-step printing process and having to order and stock preprinted labels, which can lower inventory costs and increase your speed to market. Color barcode printers enable you to print labels on blank media only when you need them. This can slash costs associated with using preprinted labels. In addition, the process of switching to a different label for a new run become seamless, saving time and minimizing waste. Color barcode printers are also designed with industrial and commercial environments in mind, with construction that makes the dust and water resistant.

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