The Benefits of a Desktop Barcode Printer

The Choice for Low- to Medium Volume Printing Needs

How A Desktop Barcode Printer Works For Your Business

Not every organization requires larger, high-volume barcode printers. Ergonomically friendly, desktop barcode printers reliably meet the demands of organizations with low- to medium barcode printing volumes without occupying space that would be better reserved for other equipment needed to properly complete critical tasks. Miles Data provides desktop barcode printers that are ideal for implementation in a wide variety of applications. Barcodes are used for labeling, tracking, tracing, and other efficiencies in industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics. Their versatility allows them to generate many types of barcoded media, ranging asset tracking labels, receipts, patient wristbands and baggage tags.

Zebra ZD420 Desktop Printer

Saving Space, Saving Money, Saving Time

If your organization needs to print barcode labels, but has limited space and budget to install barcode printers, desktop barcode printers are the answer. With their small footprint, desktop barcode printers easily fit on any desktop or table, conserving valuable space and putting barcode printing functionality right at your fingertips no running back and forth to a remote printer to retrieve labels. Not only do desktop barcode printers lend themselves to areas where space is at a premium; they are also affordably priced, allowing you to fulfill low- to medium-volume barcode printing requirements without blowing your budget.

Features That Suit Your Needs

Miles Data can help you select the desktop barcode printer model that best satisfies your organizations barcode printing environment and needs. Desktop barcode printers available from Miles Data offer a wide variety of features to choose from, including:

  • Direct thermal or thermal transfer print modes
  • Easy setup with front LCD display
  • Industry-standard connectivity; Ethernet, wireless, BlueTooth, USB, or serial
  • Extended media handling capabilities include peel and present, precision cutter for labels, receipts and tags
  • Easy to replace ribbon cartridges get the end-user back to work in seconds
  • Ability to handle roll- or fan-fed labels, tag stock, continuous receipt paper, or wristbands

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