Industrial Printers for Heavy Use in Harsh Environments

Reliable, On-Demand Printing

High-Volume Throughput and Rugged Design

Industrial printers produce barcode labels and encode RFID tags and a variety of types of label and tag materials for a multitude of applications. Designed for operations in which large volumes of labels must be produced quickly or in a 24/7 setting, industrial printers feature a rugged design that enables them to withstand temperature extremes, exposure to liquids, dust, and chemicals, and drops to concrete. With decades of experience providing labeling printing solutions, Miles Data can help you find the right industrial printer and the other important components such as label printing software and supplies for your mission critical labeling application.

Longer Life, Increased Productivity

If your business is ready for enhanced tracking and operational efficiencies offered by barcode or RFID, Miles Datas experienced technical team can review the options from the wide variety of configurations to find the right solution suited to your application. When you need a printing solution that stands up to heavy use and harsh conditions you should consider industrial printers. Industrial printers are manufactured from ruggedized, long-lasting components that allow them to consistently deliver outstanding print quality and rapid throughput, even in the most demanding environments. This reliability translates into a longer life cycle and a lower cost of ownership so you save money while maximizing the benefits of your total barcode technology investment.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Solution

Just as there are many barcode or RFID applications, there, too, are many industrial printers with different features that enhance productivity or print quality. Miles Data will advise you on the optimal configuration ensure your solution provides maximum benefits:

  • Ideal for high-volume applications in harsh environments where temperature extremes, exposure to liquids and dust are common
  • All-metal construction
  • Print resolutions of 203, 300, or 600 dpi
  • Print speeds of up to 14 inches/second
  • Configurable connectivity options such as wireless or media handling options like rewind, cutter or peel and present
  • Print language emulators or XML enabled printing capabilities

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