Honeywell PX940 with Integrated Label Verification

High-Performance Industrial Printer

Poorly printed barcodes can lead to chargebacks, fines, mis-shipments and other errors. The Honeywell PX940 high-performance industrial printer can prevent barcode quality problems with integrated label verification. Unlike older barcode verifiers, which were complex and required trained technicians to set up and calibrate, the PX940 is easy to set up and operate. Older verifiers also only supported 1D barcodes, whereas the PX940 can support both 1D and 2D barcodes in any orientation.

The PX940 provides precision printing for small labels. In addition, Honeywell’s operational intelligence software provides predictive analytics and data on printer health for intelligent asset management and monitoring. The printer’s integrated verification provides a new level of accuracy and simplicity for high-volume label operations, resulting in an overall increase in production efficiency and reduction in costs.

Lower Labeling Costs, 100% Barcode Accuracy

The Honeywell PX940 family of industrial printers with integrated label verification was developed for companies that face fines and chargebacks for label compliance problems, or returned shipments because of unreadable barcodes. With built-in verification, the printer provides barcodes that are 100% accurate and defect free – every time.

The contact verifier ensures accurate verification of barcode labels against ANSI/ISO standards; labels that don’t meet the established threshold are voided and a new label is printed. Have a different preference for failed labels? The PX940 is user configurable with a variety of options so that the action following a failed label can be handled in the way that best suits your operation. The PX940 printer can also verify multiple 1D and 2D barcodes on the same label. saving time in the labeling process.

The PX940 can also reduce labeling costs by helping companies avoid fines and chargebacks. The unit provides an historical record of verification and generates reports that can be sent with shipments or supplied later should the barcodes be questioned.

The unit also easy to set up and deploy, supports multiple print languages, and provides easy printhead and tool-free platen roller replacement, which minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.

Features and Benefits of the Honeywell PX940

  • Integrated Verification License: 0% failure rate, 100% good barcodes
  • Supports multiple print languages including ZPL, EPL and DPL
  • Smart printing capabilities allow users to configure printer settings without a host computer
  • Supports all major 1D and 2D barcode symbologies in all rotations
  • Color, multi-lingual touchscreen interface
  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal
  • Precise printing of up to +/-0.2 mm (0.08 in)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Print speeds up to 350mm/s (14 ips)
  • Honeywell PX940 Spec Sheet

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