Mobile Label Printer: Equip Mobile Workers with Print Functionality

Handle Print Jobs On the Spot

Printing Wherever You Need It

Some printing tasks are most easily handled on the spot, rather than stationary printers. Mobile label printers allow you to instantly generate receipts, labels, tickets, and invoices wherever they are needed. From the mobile worker on foot to the driver in a forklift or truck, mobile label printers improve operational efficiency. Miles Data offers mobile printers that suit a range of applications, from manufacturing and warehousing/distribution to route accounting, direct store delivery, and field service. Several of these printers are ruggedized, allowing them to function flawlessly despite fluctuating environmental temperatures and other variables while extending their life cycle and the cost of ownership.

Saving Time, Money

If static printers are slowing down your business operations, mobile label printers will take you to a far higher level of printing efficiency. For example, with mobile printers, manufacturers can create and affix product labels at the point of production, while warehousing and distribution facilities can generate barcoded pick tickets. Field service workers and those making deliveries to stores can quickly produce receipts and invoices. Eliminating the need for employees to repeatedly return to static printers on the factory or warehouse floor or in a delivery or service truck saves you time and labor not to mention money.

Features to Match Your Business Needs

Miles Data can advise you about which mobile label printer features make one or more of its mobile printer options the best fit for your business. You can choose from devices with features that include:

  • Ideal for mobile workers responsible for receipt, invoice, and label printing
  • Seamless one-piece design for enhanced durability
  • Supports Android or Windows operating systems
  • Connectivity options: WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, or near field communication (NFC)
  • Integrates with existing printing platforms
  • Complies with IP54 standard for resistance to damage from dust and water exposure

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