Zebra ZQ600 Series

A New Generation of Mobile Printing

For years, the Zebra QLn series of mobile printers has been a reliable (and best selling) solution for on-the-go label and receipt printing. The new Zebra ZQ600 Series will replace the QLn Series as the bestselling mobile printer for your operations—and builds on Zebra’s legacy of high-performance printing systems. The ZQ600 Series printers are available in three different sizes to suit your operational needs:

  • ZQ610 (2-inch width)
  • ZQ620 (3-inch width)
  • ZQ630 (4-inch width, RFID printing)

These industry-leading mobile printers provide high duty-cycle label and receipt printing ideal for the warehouse distribution market. The series also features models in disinfectant-ready plastics for healthcare operations.

With 33% higher battery capacity, and the latest version of Smart Print Technology, the ZQ600 allows your team uninterrupted workflows the duration of their shift and beyond—even when printing in extreme temperatures. Work more quickly when on the move with fast roaming features for connectivity as well as an intelligent sleep mode with instant-wake over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Best of all, the ZQ600 Series features increased memory to support upgrades and new applications for years to come.

Download ZQ610/ZQ620 Data Sheet >>
Download ZQ630 RFID Data Sheet >>

Advanced Platform Can Grow With Your Business

The Zebra ZQ600 Series offers versatile print capabilities and is available in 2-inch (ZQ610) and 3-inch (ZQ620) models, as well as the newly-released 4-inch model (ZQ630) with RFID printing. Zebra’s Print DNA software provides productivity, management, development, and visibility tools that can help optimize printer operation. The superior wireless performance of these printers provides faster, more dependable connections, and is ready to print when you are, with instant wake-up for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. An Ethernet cradle provides easy remote management so that IT can quickly upgrade firmware and diagnose printer issues. The printers can be easily integrated with existing device management platforms and are equipped with enough memory to support your application needs for years to come.

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Zebra ZQ600 Series Product Features

  • Supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with an instant wake-up over Wi-Fi feature
  • A 3250 mAH battery provides the high batter capacity in its class
  • Power Smart Print Technology and PowerPrecision+ features provide superior power management
  • Backward compatible with accessories for the Zebra QLn Series mobile printer
  • Link OS operating system and Print DNA tools provide printer management, development and visibility features
  • IP43 dust/water resistance (IP54 rating available with soft case)
  • Can print up to 4.5 in./115 mm per second
  • Large color display
  • Printhead diagnostics provide insight into health of the printer
  • PrintSecure utility makes it easy to fine-tune printer security and block unauthorized access
  • 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB of Flash provide robust memory that can accommodate future firmware upgrades and new software tools
  • RFID job-monitoring tools track RFID performance (ZQ630)
  • Integrated RFID reader/encoder (ZQ630)
  • Adaptive Encoding Technology simplifies RFID setup and eliminates complex RFID placement guidelines (ZQ630)
  • Zebra ZQ600 Spec Sheet
  • Download Zebra’s Thermal Printers Brochure
ZQ600 series healthcare photo

Why Mobile Barcode Printers?

If your employees have to walk back and forth between the goods you need to label and a fixed print station, you are likely wasting hours of labor each day. The point-of-activity printing enabled by a mobile barcode printer can save time, reduce waste, eliminate labeling mistakes, and enable your employees to do their jobs faster and better.

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