Automate With Print and Apply Systems

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Print-and-apply systems automate labeling in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. These systems generate labels and auto-apply labels to cartons or directly onto products as they pass by on conveyors. The options for how the label is applied is dependent on the application but common application are tamp, blow, swing arm, flag wrap, passive wipe, active wipe, active blow, and inverted tabletop. Miles Data can help you select the best print-and-apply system that will increase labeling efficiencies while also ensuring labeling accuracy.


More Labels, Less Time

If your operation is experiencing difficulty keeping up with labeling demands or looking to automate a process that currently is manual, print-and-apply systems are an ideal solution. By doing double-duty, producing labels as well as applying them precisely onto cartons or products, print-and-apply systems significantly reduce the labor and effort required to complete the labeling process. Additionally, when you replace manual label application processes with automated label application via print-and-apply systems, you can also achieve enhanced labeling accuracy no worries about employees accidentally hand-applying the wrong label or labels to the wrong carton or product. The end result: fewer errors and, ultimately, happier customers.

Features That Meet Your Business Requirements

When it comes to print-and-apply systems, different businesses have different needs. Miles Data can assist you in determining which features of print-and-apply systems best satisfy your label production and application requirements.

  • Ideal for high-volume label printing and application needs (e.g., manufacturing, warehouse)
  • Solutions for bottle, produce or food, case, pallet, wrap-around or flag labeling
  • Configurable with print engines from Data-Max, SATO, or Zebra
  • Status indicators such as Machine Error, Low Label Stock, Low Ribbon, and Auto Print and Apply Mode
  • All our print and apply systems use off the shelf components that readily available in the US for easier and less costly maintenance and more uptime

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