Panther Phantom Print-and-Apply System

Labeling automation that improves the bottom line

The Panther print-and-apply product line can effectively automate labeling operations – providing a way to reduce costs while increasing throughput and cutting waste in your packaging and shipping lines. The Panther Phantom is built on the foundations of the iconic P2000 and P8 systems and is the evolution of label automation. This pneumatic print-and-apply system can be configured with multiple applicator options (tamp, blow on, wipe on, swing arm, flag, fold, and more) for use in a wide variety of supply chain applications. The Panther Phantom features zero waste pneumatics, only using air during operation, and has options for both full or semi automation.

Flexibility to Suit Any Labeling Operation

The Panther Phantom print-and-apply system provides a wide array of options so that the applicators can be configured to suit the needs of almost any labeling scenario. The Phantom provides options for top, side, front and back, high-speed labeling, curved surfaces, corner labeling, and for applying labels to delicate products where direct contact isn’t ideal. Customers get the same durability and reliability, regardless of configuration.

Panther Phantom Print-and-Apply Applicator Options

  • Completely modular system with multiple configurations: tamp (up to 24″ of stroke), swing arm, tamp/blow, inverted table top, blow on, fold, wipe on, flag, merge/wrap, corner wrap
  • Tamp applicator provides top and side labeling capabilities
  • Blow-on solution can label delicate products without direct contact
  • Swing arm system applies labels front or side, around a corner, or on cylindrical objects
  • Corner wrap system provides labels that can be viewed from more than one side
  • Active and passive wipe-on systems can be used in extreme, high-speed applications
  • Flag labeler accurately applies labels to tubes, cables, and medical equipment
  • Panther offers custom labeling systems that are designed for unique application requirements
  • Labeling distances up to 24” from the applicator
  • Dual automation options
  • Built-in Ethernet I/P or Modbus TCP protocols for direct communication with a remote host
  • OEM print engine design for off-the-shelf replacement minimizes downtime
  • Troubleshoot quickly and easily with error reporting

Panther Phantom

Why Use a Pneumatic System?

Pneumatic systems are highly durable and simple to support and maintain. For some applications where the equipment can’t physically touch the product, blow-on applicators require compressed air resources to operate. With a pneumatic print and apply system, your operations will benefit from reliable and precise label placement that allows you to increase your throughput, while decreasing expenses and waste.

At Miles Data Technologies, our Panther trained specialists can help you determine which type of print-and-apply system is best for your application. Our engineers help design the right system for your specific labeling operation that can help reduce costs and improve the efficiencies. Contact us today.

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