Panther Predator Print-and-Apply Labeling System

Built for Speed

The Panther Industries Predator print-and-apply labeling system is the company’s fastest and most adaptive label application system. The all-electric Panther is a durable, reliable labeling option for applications that require high speed and high accuracy. The Predator can increase productivity, reduce expenses, and decrease label waste or loss, providing immediate benefits to manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment operations. The Panther Predator is built for speed, with new technical innovations that ensure more throughput with greater consistency. The unit’s unmatched construction features nickel-plated fittings and an aircraft aluminum main plate, while off-the-shelf replacement parts ensure simplified maintenance.

Faster Labeling, Lower Costs

The Panther Predator can elevate your industrial or supply chain operations by rapidly increasing your labeling throughput while maintain high levels of accuracy – a must for organizations faced with rising demand for faster service at a lower cost. The Predator can introduce increased levels of automation into your labeling processes while reducing label waste and loss. By reducing the expenses associated with print-and-apply operations, the Predator allows companies to label more goods with less labor.

Panther Predator Print-and-Apply Product Features

  • All-electric servo drive, with no compressed air
  • Error reporting for fast and efficient troubleshooting
  • High-speed applicator operates at speeds up to 200 ips
  • Adaptive Touch technology provides light touch during label application, leading to fewer damaged labels/packages
  • Adaptive applicator automatically adjusts to carton height without sensors, ensuring accurate label placement
  • Remote-mounted 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Durable construction to withstand harsh warehouse and industrial environments
  • Adjustable applicator assembly and OEM print engine design enable simple maintenance

Panther Predator

When is it Time to Deploy Print and Apply?

Companies are under increasing pressure to ship more goods at a faster rate, and at a lower cost than ever before. If manual label printing and application processes are holding you back, then it is time to consider an automated print-and-apply solution. Because the solution produces labels and applies them to products or boxes in a single operation, a print-and-apply system can significantly reduce time and labor costs. Print-and-apply systems are also more accurate than manual processes, which results in fewer shipping errors. For high-volume, high-speed labeling operations, print-and-apply solutions are a must.

The Panther trained engineers at Miles Data can explain how the Panther Predator print-and-apply system can help your labeling processes become more efficient and accurate, and help you select the best system for your operation.

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