Print Engines: The Power Behind the Process

Minimize Downtime and Keep Operations Running

Print Engines for Automated Print Requirements

Print engines are the centerpieces of every print-and-apply application. Readily available from Miles Data, print engines are designed to keep mission-critical print-and-apply applications operating with no interruptions. Print engine design focuses on ease of use, integration, and servicing. Features such as rollers that can be exchanged in minutes with no need to access printers electronics, and quick-change modular drive systems simplify maintenance and dramatically reduce downtime.

Hassle-Free Label Printing and Application

Manufacturing and warehousing facilities typically use print-and-apply systems to quickly place labels on products, cartons, cases, and pallets. But without a flexible print engine, its impossible to reap the full benefits of this technology. Feature-rich print engines are designed so that you can easily integrate them with your print-and-apply machinery, reducing the potential for engine-to-machinery communication glitches and minimizing the downtime that would defeat the purpose of utilizing print-and-apply mode. Routine operations, such as ribbon replacement, improving ease of use and saving you additional label production and application time. You can also harness software to control the applicator port on your print engines.

Features That Satisfy Your Business Needs

Let Miles Data help you to compare different features of print engines and find the model that best addresses your business specific printing requirements and objectives. Print engines from Miles Data have a range of features and benefits that include:

  • Ideal for powering print-and-apply systems in high-volume applications
  • Direct thermal or direct thermal print mode
  • Maximum print speed: 12 inches/305 mm per second (203 dpi) or 10 inches/254 mm per second (300 dpi)
  • Print resolutions of 203 dpi, 300 dpi, 406 dpi, or 600 dpi
  • Serial communications: RS 232, parallel bi-directional, Ethernet Wired LAN 10/100, or USB 2.0 compatible
  • Graphical LCD display

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