Zebra ZE500: Innovative Design, Greater Benefits

Focuses on Ease of Use, Integration and Servicing

A critical piece of print and apply applications, your customers need a rugged, reliable printer that will perform with minimal down time in high speed, high throughput environments. Delivering world class efficiency and flexibility, the ZE500 Series is an innovative OEM print engine that is simply to integrate, operate and maintain.

Designed to Keep Working in Industrial Environments

Your customers need to keep their mission critical print-and-apply applications operating without interruptions, 24/7. The sealed front panel buttons and electronics enclosure are dust resistant for harsh environments. The robust, fan-less construction prevents debris from being drawn into the print engine and the all metal construction ensures optimal long term performance.

Zebra ZE500 Product Features

  • The ZE500 has two options with different width options; ZE500-4 (4.1 inches) and ZE500-6 (6.6 inches)
  • All ZE500 printers offer 203 DPI and 300 DPI
  • Left-hand and right-hand orientation
  • LCD
    display can be detached from the
    unit and positioned as best suited for user
  • ZE500-4 IS RFID ready

Zebra ZE500

Zebra ZE500 Print Engine

The Benefits of a Print Engine

Print engines are a critical component of your print-and-apply system. To keep your automated print-and-apply system operating, print engines are designed so maintenance and consumables replacement can be performed quickly and easily.

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