A Fixed RFID Reader Is a Critical Part of Your Asset Tracking and Management Solution

Unlock the Data Stored in RFID Labels and Tags

Optimized For Multiple Applications

RFID technology gives you the ability to tag products and assets with much more information than barcodes can hold, but you need the right RFID reader to collect that data. Fixed RFID readers offered by Miles Data provide the ability to collect data from a large number of RFID labels or tags, such as those attached to items moving on a conveyor or through loading dock doors, at a high rate of speed. A fixed RFID reader gives you efficient asset and inventory tracking as well as reduced operational expenditures through automating data collection.

Optimized For Multiple Applications

Various fixed RFID readers models are designed for specific applications and environments. Many are ruggedized, making them ideal for deployment in factories or warehouse facilities with harsh conditions. They are able to withstand exposure to dust, moisture, chemicals, grease, extreme temperatures, and bumps from passing packages. Other fixed RFID reader options features a small form factor, giving you the flexibility to collect data in almost any area of your facility, despite space constraints. These models also offer flexible, easy mounting and power options so you can have RFID reader functionality where you need it.

Benefits of Having the Right RFID Reader for Your Application

Let Miles Data help you assess your business RFID data collection needs and find a fixed RFID reader whose features best match your requirements. Benefits and features include:

  • Ideal for high-volume, high-speed inventory management and asset tracking RFID applications
  • Wireless connectivity options including Ethernet, serial, WLAN, and Bluetooth Integrated antenna
  • Rugged design and enclosure rated IP 53 for dust and moisture resistance
  • Options for extended read range distances
  • 4-port and 8-port configurations providing greater flexibility
  • Compact size and ease with deployment and management
  • Options for Linux-based network architecture that facilitates integration with business systems

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