Superior RFID Performance: Impinj Speedway Readers

Enterprise-Class, High-Performance Fixed RFID Readers

Impinj Speedway readers offer industry-leading performance and enterprise-class durability for your operations. The Impinj Speedway R420, R220, and R120 fixed readers are designed for top performance with RAIN RFID tags to deliver detailed information regarding the location, identity, and authenticity of your tagged items.

Impinj Speedway readers are a good choice in industrial or commercial environments where “always on” reading with stationary read points is required.  They can be placed on a counter, on a shelf or in a cabinet, or mounted overhead. Choose the model that provides you with the number of read zones you need for your application:

  • The R420 supports 4 antenna ports and is expandable up to 32 antennas
  • The R220 supports 2 antenna ports
  • The R120 supports 1 antenna port and is expandable up to 8 antennas

Antenna expansion provides maximum application flexibility.

Industrial Applications

Impinj Speedway fixed RFID readers provide businesses with the performance, reliability, and quality that is needed for visibility throughout their entire supply chains. Perfect for high-throughput and high-tag density operations, Speedway readers make it easy to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Industrial: Track returnable, reusable assets like bins, pallets or vessels.  Expedite receiving by automatically reading multiple items as they pass through dock doors — even while still in boxes or on pallets.

Healthcare: Track patients’ movements and identities throughout the healthcare facility and quickly locate critical assets.  Guarantee supplies are in stock and manage inventory to lower cost and drive efficiencies.

Retail: Track movement of merchandise in the store.  Improve the customer experience and streamline the checkout process.

Impinj Speedway R420/R220/R120 Features and Benefits

  • Readers are available in one, two, or four antenna port configurations and expandable to 32 antennas for low TCO and greater flexibility.
  • Patented Autopilot simplifies deployment and can perform over 1,100 tag reads per second for reliable, efficient performance.
    • Autoset: senses RF noise and interference and selects optimal reader settings
    • Low duty cycle: Only transmits with tags are in the field, reducing RF interference, power consumption, and energy costs.
    • Dynamic antenna switching: Senses tags in the field and focuses more time on antennas with the largest tag populations.
  • Greater accuracy and longer read ranges due to industry-leading RF sensitivity (-84dBm)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for simple deployment and enterprise-class monitoring and management.
  • Proven enterprise-class durability with extremely low failure rates

Impinj Speedway

Impinj Speedway R420, Impinj Speedway R220, Impinj Speedway R120

Does Your Business Need Fixed RFID Readers?

Fixed RFID readers, like those from Impinj, make it easy to read/record a large amount of data as tagged objects pass through a set area. A common example of this is the collection of data from products in boxes as they pass through loading dock doors. Fixed RFID readers are valuable assets because they automate a large portion of data collection, making it easier to provide accurate data in real time while also lowering the cost of labor. With a variety of power, connectivity, and mounting options, these readers can be used anywhere you need them.

Our team at Miles Data can work with you to explore the benefits of deploying the Impinj Speedway RAIN RFID Readers in your operation.

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