Honeywell IV7 Forklift RFID Reader: Rugged, Mobile-Mount Reader

The Only UHF RFID Reader Specifically Designed for Forklifts

The Honeywell IV7 RFID reader is the superior choice for enterprises seeking absolute mobility in pick and putaway applications. Designed specifically to be mounted on forklifts and other industrial vehicles, the IV7 device’s “read where you need” flexibility and rugged construction are ideal for commercial or government supply chains. Commanded by the Honeywell vehicle mount computer, which acts as local host, the IV7 reader securely provides instantaneous updates to your warehouse management system. With its location tag-sensing antenna, the reader captures everything from pallet pickup, forklift path, and shelf location status as the vehicle moves through tag-equipped zones.

Rugged Construction for Industrial Environments

Equipped with an IP65 cast aluminum housing and built-in cable strain relief features, the IV7 RFID reader withstands the harshest of industrial environments. The device mounts easily to a variety of fork truck models via pre-drilled base plate and U-bolt or flexible strap attachment. Additionally, the IV7 reader can be mounted in any position within 10 feet of the vehicle battery or power source.

IV7 RFID Reader Product Features

  • Only UHF RFID reader designed specifically for vehicle mounting
  • RS232 cable and connection for serial attachment to Honeywell fixed vehicle mount computer
  • Rugged, IP65 cast aluminum housing
  • Pre-drilled base plate and U-bolt or flexible strap attachment
  • Operational in environments of -13 °F to 131°F
  • Non-condensing protection in 10% to 90% humidity
  • General purpose inputs/outputs

Honeywell IV7 RFID Reader

How can a vehicle mounted RFID reader benefit your business?

With the Honeywell IV7 RFID reader, your enterprise will gain the flexibility to “read where you need” in order to capture RFID tags in certain and not-so-certain locations that may not be near a fixed reader.   Additionally, the IV7’s ability to be mounted on your forklift offers a cost advantage over portal reader systems when the number of dock doors is significantly larger than the number of fork trucks.

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