Why Add an RFID Antenna?

Enhance Efficiency and Performance

Maximize RFID Read Fields with Our Portfolio of Diverse RFID Antennas

RFID Antennas complement our portfolio of RFID fixed reader solutions that enable organizations to capture, move and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity. Simple to deploy and operate in conjunction with fixed RFID readers, an RFID antenna makes any RFID installation easy, efficient and high performing. Each type of RFID antenna has its own set of capabilities but all of them offer versatility, power and instant compatibility and will excel in a wide variety of applications.

Better, Faster Performance

Our experienced technical team can help you select the optimal configuration to provide the wide read fields and fast read rates you need to capture the highest volume of tags. RFID antennas can be easily mounted on ceilings or walls to yield superior coverage in challenging areas like warehouse doorways, dock platforms, and multilevel stockroom shelves.

Features That Fit Your Operation’s Needs

Different features of RFID antennas make them best-suited to different environments.  Miles Data can help you determine which antennas offers the versatility and performance required to meet diverse environmental and application needs including customer-facing areas, warehouses and outdoor environment:

  • Industrial IP67 rated antennas with drain holes for use in direct rain, snow or high humidity environments such as around dock doors, portals, outdoor gates
  • Flat panel, slim line antennas suitable for use in indoor environments: wall mount, doorways, under counter, above counter as an RFID pad, on shelves, on end-cap displays, POS etc.
  • Ultra-low profile antennas feature space-saving and stylish outer housing designed to be sleek and discreet enough for any business setting but rugged enough for indoor industrial environments
  • Antennas designed for RF-challenging environments
  • Antennas ideal for asset tracking in high-product density, heavily trafficked manufacturing and warehouse environments

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