Zebra RFID Antennas: Zebra's RFID Antennas are a Vital Component

Zebra RFID Antennas Offers Flexibility and Performance to Any Enterprise Environment

The AP 7522E combines 802.11ac speed with 2X2 MIMO for a dependable, high-performance wireless LAN. High-powered radios mean you’ll need fewer access points, adding to the system’s economical price point. Easy to install and ready for expansion, this fast option offers scalability and affordability.

Extends Read Range for a Variety of Applications

Simple to deploy and operate in conjunction with fixed RFID readers, the Zebra family of RFID antennas makes any RFID installation easy, efficient and high performing. While each has its own set of capabilities, all offer versatility, power and instant compatibility and will excel in a wide variety of applications.

Zebra RFID Antennas Product Features

  • AN200: general purpose antenna for indoor or outdoor application. Applications: dock doors, portals, outdoor gates
  • AN440: large area coverage for high-capacity, high throughput environments. Applications: shelves, doorways, portals or conveyors
  • AN480: wide band antenna for global use providing cost-efficiencies and a simplified RFID infrastructure
  • AN600: ultra-low profile antenna with “picture frame” atheistic
  • AN700: compact antennas for customer facing environments where a discreet installation in constrained area is required
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Zebra RFID Antennas


Benefits of RFID Antennas

RFID antennas can improve the efficiency and performance of a fixed RFID reader. RFID antennas enable asset tracking in high density, heavy traffic areas, such as warehouses. You can mount RFID antennas on ceilings or walls to improve read fields in RF challenged areas such as doorways, loading docks, and tiered shelves. Slim line antennas can be used in customer-facing areas such as on counters, shelves, end caps, walls, and doorways. And rugged construction enables them to be used in areas where they are exposed to rain, snow, and high humidity.

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