Find the Best RFID Tag or Label for Your Application

Miles Data Can Help You Make the Right Choice

Let Us Help You Sort Through the Options

Miles Datas staff, experienced in designing and deploying RFID solutions, can advise you on the best RFID tag or label for your application. Labels are often the choice for operations that use for passive systems of data collection when barcode solutions aren’t enough to keep up with the high-volume, high-speed data collection your require, such as items moving quickly on a conveyer. RFID labels are also often used for compliance labeling. Tags are a common choice in closed-loop RFID systems where a RFID chip and antenna is encapsulated in plastic or polyester allowing for durability as well as reusability.

Improved Read Range, Data Integrity

RFID offers users multiple benefits for your business. With an RFID, you can track assets and products through scanning, without establishing the line of sight or specific orientation required by barcode readers. This means faster access to data and more efficient operations in your manufacturing, warehouse, or logistics facility. What’s more, RFID tags hold much more information than barcodes can, giving you access to more actionable data that can help you to improve your business. However, the read range of RFID readers, along with the integrity of the data they read, is impacted by the labels and tags you select and the product the tag is applied. With the right RFID tag for your application, you can achieve maximum read rates, and you can be assured that the data you collect is accurate.

Features That Meet Your Business Requirements

RFID labels and tags must be matched to individual applications, as well as to different RFID protocols, standards, and reader frequencies. Miles Data can work with you to determine which label or tag media is the right one for your business needs and parameters.

  • Ideal for high-volume, high-speed RFID data collection, inventory management, and asset tracking
  • Options for tagging metal, wooden pallets, returnable plastic containers
  • Solutions to survive extreme temperatures or chemicals
  • Passive or active high-frequency (HF) and ultra-high-frequency (UHF) transmission
  • Proof of concept testing available to test possible tag options and provide the best recommendation

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