RFID Reader Products

Handheld RFID Scanner Products to Improve Your Speed and Efficiency

Read RFID Labels and Tags Without Establishing Line of Sight

Like its fixed counterpart,a portable RFID reader reads the information contained in RFID tags without having to establish a line of sight or specific orientation between the reader and tag. This enables data collection at a high rate of speed, maximizing inventory and asset tracking and management efficiencies. Combine portability with the ability to read barcode and RFID data in a single device, and you get even more flexibility. Portable RFID readers put the power of high speed data collection in the hands of worker to accomplish more with faster speed and increased accuracy,

Portable RFID Reader: Enhanced Inventory, Asset Management

On the dock or in the storeroom, portable RFID readers available from Miles Data allow you to read RFID tags wherever and however your inventory and assets are found no transporting large boxes or containers to a fixed reader for scanning or struggling to get the correct orientation or line of sight. With a handheld RFID reader, you can also read many multiple tags simultaneously as well as easily scan containers to locate their individual tagged contents, without opening the containers to find what you’re looking for. All of this adds up to increased efficiencies in the warehouse and in the field.

Find a Handheld RFID Scanner with Features That Fit Your Operation’s Needs

Portable RFID readers can have a variety of different features, and not all features are required for all applications. Miles Data can advise you on features of handheld RFID readers that address your specific business challenges, needs, and objectives. You can choose from devices with features and benefits that include:

  • Ideal for high-volume inventory management and asset tracking when portability is important
  • Multimodal data capture for capture of RFID and barcodes in one device
  • Integrated RFID antenna handheld or RFID antenna sleds that can be retrofitted aftermarket on existing mobile computers
  • Ability to read low frequency, high frequency or UHF RFID tags

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