Zebra MC3300R Integrated UHF RFID Reader

The Next Generation of Business Mobility Platforms

The future of rugged mobile computing will require flexibility, durability, and advanced performance. The Android-based Zebra MC3300R delivers that with best-in-class scanning performance, an ergonomic design, and unparalleled power. The keypad-based terminal can help organizations make the migration from Windows to Android, while maximizing productivity. The Zebra MC3300R also future-proofs your mobile investment by providing the ability to read both 1D and 2D barcodes as well as RFID tags. The unit provides reliable RFID tag reading performance, regardless of tag orientation and with superior sensitivity.

The MC3300R is also pre-licensed and pre-loaded with Ivanti Terminal Emulation (TE), so your current applications are supported right out of the box. This allows companies to easily transition the workforce without re-training or changing their current user experience or interface.

Superior RFID Performance, Ease of Deployment

The superior RFID tag scanning accuracy of the MC3300R can help companies increase productivity and efficiency – these devices can enable mobile workers to complete tasks in half the time as the next leading competitor. The MC3300R is 40% more accurate than other devices and boasts a read rate that is 25% faster. The computer can capture RFID tag data from more than 60 ft./18.2 m away — 200% farther than the next leading competitor.

By deploying the Zebra MC3300R, users also have access to flexible development tools and a common platform – companies can leverage the same SDK across their fleet of Zebra RFID handheld readers. This streamlines application development and employee training. Zebra’s Mobility DNA also provides powerful new features that simplify application management and integration, as well as enhance productivity.

Zebra MC3300R Product Features

  • The device includes Geiger Counter functionality for location pinpointing of specific RFID tags
  • SimulScan technology enables scanning of multiple barcodes in a single scan
  • Simplify data entry with keypad and touchscreen combo
  • The high-capacity, field-replaceable PowerPrecision+ battery lasts 35% longer than the nearest competitor
  • Zebra LifeGuard for Android guarantees direct security updates for up to 10 years
  • Available with alphanumeric, numeric, and functional numeric keypad options
  • The MC3300R is available with both single-slot and multi-slot cradles and spare battery chargers, and a charge-only adapter for backward compatibility with MC32 cradles.
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  • Download Zebra’s RFID Portfolio

The Future of Enterprise Mobility

Zebra’s MC3300R mobile computer featuring Zebra Mobility DNA offers an unmatched feature and unparalleled value. With fast, accurate scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as UHF RFID tags, and the flexibility of the Android platform, companies can position themselves to be more efficient and productive today, while also future-proofing their mobile applications.

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