Improve Productivity 200-400% With Robotics

Improve picking productivity to meet the ever growing demands of fulfillment with autonomous mobile robots

For more than 30 years, Miles Data has been a leader in providing RFID, mobility and barcode solutions to a vast array of industries. Now, with robotic warehouse solutions and warehouse automation solutions from Miles Data, your distribution center can process orders with substantially higher accuracy and less work than was previously obtained from traditional fulfillment systems.

Miles Data has a strong commitment to helping clients through every step of robot warehouse system integration, from product selection and testing to configuration, deployment and training, along with ongoing support and technical services. Our supply chain services engineers incorporate robotic warehouse solutions and warehouse automation solutions with extensive expertise to design and optimize the flow of picking and distribution with continuing support of the technology.



Miles Data supply chain services offers robotics from Locus Robotics and Fetch Robotics to assist you with:

  • Increased picking productivity

    Increased picking productivity

  • Meeting order volume demands

    Meeting order volume demands

  • Responding to peak seasonal demands

    Responding to peakseasonal demands

  • Managing a tight labor market

    Managing a tight labor market

  • Faster shipping

    Faster shipping


Miles Data will assess your needs and implement robotic solutions without disruption to your warehouse operations or footprint. Our supply chain solutions offer:

  • Planning and design

    Planning and design

  • Robotics technologies

    Robotics technologies

  • Training and management

    Training and management

  • Technical support services

    Technical support services


Locus Robotics

The most technologically advanced autonomous warehouse picking robots in the industry, LocusBot is highly efficient, cost-effective and incorporates the latest navigational and visualization elements. Its lightweight design allows it to operate safely adjacent to your team members.
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Fetch Robotics

A Zebra Technologies company, Fetch Robotics is the pioneer of on-demand automated warehouse robots. The Fetch Cloud Robotics Platform provides the only automated warehouse robot (autonomous mobile robot – AMR) that addresses multiple applications including data collection and material handling, and deploys in hours vs. days or weeks.
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Deliver fast ROI with trusted and predictable results


Improve productivity

Predictable customer- documented results allow you to measure and improve warehouse productivity.


Easily scale warehouse picking automation to correspond with your orders and expand when needed to manage growth or spikes in order volume.

Tailored design

Professional warehouse and robotics engineers design robotic warehouse solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Speed of installation

Experienced warehouse and robotics engineers will have your warehouse automation solutions up and running in as little as 4-6 weeks, giving you ROI and productivity improvements in just a few months.

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