Extreme Networks NX5500E Controller: WiNG Express Manager

Advanced WLAN Services and Single Point of Control

The WiNG Express portfolio will allow your business to scale your networks with ease and simplicity. WiNG Express networks are deployed within minutes without connecting a laptop with an Ethernet cable or looking for IP addresses. Meaningful and timely network and client usage graphs open a window into the network to predict, manage, and adapt business decisions based on network activities

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Management Made Easy

The Extreme Networks NX5500-E WiNG Express Manager wraps an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphical user interface around Extreme Network’s revolutionary WiNG operating system to make end-to-end WLAN management easy for the small to medium-sized enterprises — no IT department required. The NX5500 supports up to 512 access points, delivers industry-leading WLAN performance, and with WiNG Express, brings a new level of simplicity to WLAN management from zero-touch deployment to everyday troubleshooting.

Extreme Networks NX5500E Controller Product Features

  • Fast and easy scaling allows complex network control and administration for the smaller enterprise
  • Supports up to 512 access points and delivers industry-leading WLAN performance
  • Fast , over-the-air provisioning that requires no CAT 5 cable for configuration
  • Auto-provisioning policy for multi-site deployments
  • Easy-to-use and understand graphical user interface that makes end-to-end WLAN management
  • WiNG Express Manager will allow management of mixed access points at multiple sites

Extreme Networks NX5500E Controller

The Benefits of a WLAN Controller

To manage and scale your wireless local area network (WLAN), consider a controller. Small to medium-sized enterprises can use a controller to manage and troubleshoot their WLANs without needing in-house IT resources. Ensure you can manage, monitor, and secure your WLAN with a controller.

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