RFID Software

The Next Level of Inventory Management and Tracking

Use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is rapidly expanding. The data embedded in RFID tags and labels can provide more information than barcodes, and scanning can be accomplished even faster because it doesn’t require direct line of sight. Entire pallets can be read with a single scan.

Is RFID right for you? Our Miles Data team of professionals can provide a thorough assessment based on your unique requirements and objectives. Then we’ll draw on our product knowledge and resources to design an RFID solution that will meet your goals. In addition to software and implmentation services, we have an excellent selection of RFID readers, printers, and possible tag options to provide you with a complete solution.

RFID Scanner
RFID Scanner

Speed, Accuracy, and Compliance

In addition to providing more data than barcodes, RFID has a greater degree of accuracy, reducing errors and the number of read retries. With RFID, asset intelligence becomes precise with items bcan be located easily and tracked throughout the supply chain. All movement or activity regarding an item is recorded, giving businesses complete inventory visibility and traceability for compliance with industry regulations.

Stratum Global

Stratum Global TagNet

Stratum Global focuses exclusively on RFID to create the most advanced solutions. TagNet is an integrated, platform-agnostic RFID software solution with modules that address printing, location management, establishing read zones, hardware monitoring, reader configuration, and reporting.

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