Stratum Global TagNet Lets You Quickly Deploy RFID

Stratum Global focuses exclusively on RFID to create the most advanced solutions to increase visibility, improve traceability, and management movement of objects throughout the enterprise. TagNet is an integrated, platform-agnostic RFID software solution.

TagNet allows you to implement intelligent RFID tracking of products, assets, documents, or even people.

Stratum’s solution is vendor and technology agnostic, enabling a wide array of use cases with top RFID hardware in plug-and-play mode. Many users deploy TagNet with Zebra Technologies’ fixed and mobile RFID readers and RFID printers. The partnership between Stratum and Zebra delivers proven solutions and lowers the cost of deployment by using proven technology.

Stratum Global TagNet Asset Track Module

AssetTrack maps RFID tags with unique object identifiers, including products, assets, and personnel. AssetTrack resides on handheld RFID readers and allows users to locate specific assets. It works with each of the TagNet modules to collect and analyze data about the tracked objects, enable locationing, and provide inspection reports.

  • The Reader Management module that establishes read zones and monitors RFID hardware
  • The Filtering and Collection module that works with enterprise resource management (ERP) system or warehouse management system (WMS) to configure reader behavior
  • The Physical Inventory module that enables physical count procedures
  • The Geiger Counter module that helps with location of tagged assets, providing audible and visual cues when objects are found
  • The Warehouse module that enables container aggregation, put-away, and other inventory functions
  • The Inspection Reporting module that adds RFID information, notes, and images to the inspection process

TagNet Server

TagNet Server provides the core business logic and object repository for the suite of modules. It supports passive, battery-assisted passive, and active RFID technologies. Once you configure read zones, your ERP or WMS or other business applications can receive data from tags. TagNet Server also has tag printing and commissioning and location management functions.


TagTrack equips material handling vehicles with RFID inventory management functions. It provides functionality such as real-time inventory put-away, picks, and relocations, using a cab-mounted touchscreen computer. Antenna configuration options allow reading of containers or location tags.


TaggingStation is an automated conveyor unit for high-volume scanning of existing barcodes on case stock and creation of SmartLabels for automatic application. It provides real-time scanning of barcodes on cases and produces EPCglobal Smart Labels for automated application.

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