Wireless Site Survey and Assessment

Network Performance Inside or Outside Your Facility

Wireless networks depend on proper layout and the right security configuration for reliable performance. Miles Data certified system engineers can analyze your existing network to identify potential problems. They can also design new wireless networks that incorporate the latest IEEE 802.11 standards to ensure security without sacrificing performance.

Miles WLAN services include:

  • Wireless site survey: provides the information you need for maximum performance
  • WLAN site certification: optimizes wireless networks by visualizing signal propagation and channel interference
  • WLAN configuration: results in optimal performance through careful staging and configuration services
WLAN Survey & Site Assessment

Get Wall-to-Wall, Floor-to-Ceiling Coverage

Are there areas in your facility where you lose connection with mobile devices? A wireless site survey specific to the IT infrastructure hardware you use or plan to deploy will be performed by Miles Data’s experienced team will determine:

  • Optimal location(s) of each access point
  • Channel selection of each access point
  • Signal strength needed to ensure adequate connection between access point and mobile device
  • Power levels necessary to minimize interference between access points

Miles Data can also deploy tools that detect and remove rogue devices, which are a serious threat to network security. Miles Data can also help you establish measures that prevent future network intrusion.

How Your Organization Can Benefit From WLAN Professional Services

Miles Data’s WLAN Professional Services help you ensure connectivity of mobile devices, but there are many other features and benefits related to these services including:

  • Ideal for organizations that want to deploy affordable, reliable WLANs or optimize and secure existing wireless networks
  • Assistance with channel selection and signal strength for maximum performance
  • Testing to determine best antenna type and location
  • Detection and removal of unauthorized mobile devices
  • Advanced security to prevent network intrusions
  • Compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards
  • Coordination with IT staff to configure and deploy switch-based solutions
  • Forensic analysis of security breaches
  • Post radio frequency (RF) install analysis for existing 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networks

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