Zebra VisibilityIQ

A Data-Driven Approach to Mobile Infrastructure Visibility

Mobile computers can improve productivity and efficiency in your warehouse or manufacturing operation, but only if those devices are working. If you are caught off-guard by device downtime, networking issues, and battery failures, then your mobility infrastructure isn’t helping you perform at your peak.

Zebra’s VisibilityIQ is the next evolution of intelligent, data-driven analytics for business-critical mobility. The platform provides visibility and access to all of our Zebra devices, while creating an improved enterprise operation and empowering companies to take their mobile device management (MDM) to the next level. Powered by Zebra’s Savanna data intelligence platform and driven by multi-source data aggregation and machine learning analytics, VisibilityIQ is a comprehensive solution that goes far beyond traditional MDM, and provides insight into device usage, as well as the productivity of your mobile workforce.

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Zebra offers three different options to provide insights into your business:

  • VisibilityIQ Foresight goes beyond MDM and pulls from more data sources than any other management system. Users get a real-time view of mobile device health, as well as historical data for trending and predictive intelligence.
  • VisibilityIQ DNA fully utilize Zebra’s mobility DNA suite. It transforms mobile computers, scanners and printers into true enterprise solutions. Using a customer-hosted dashboard, users can view critical device data, configure their entire device fleets, and ensure devises have the best possible WiFi connection and robust battery performance via WorryFree WiFi and PowerPrecision battery analytics.
  • VisibilityIQ OneCare includes Zebra’s OneCare expert support services coupled with technical and software support. Users can track the status of device repairs and technical issues with ease.

Next-Level Mobility Analytics

With VisibilityIQ, users have actionable insights to get the most from their mobility infrastructure and mobile workforce. Managers can conveniently see how devices are performing and take proactive steps to improve operations.

VisibilityIQ allows users to streamline business operations with actionable insights, because data sources are combined into a single cloud-based view. This provides the clarity and consistency you need to make better business decisions. It provides a simplified, easy-to-view, understand, and manage solution, and the user-friendly interface is easy to understand. The solution provides color-coded alerts to keep you informed o the status of your mobile devices and their utilization at all times.

The solution allows companies to leverage role-based access that can be extended to operational staff for specific functions or tasks on mobile devices, without relying on IT personnel. VisibilityIQ also enables proactive asset management. Managers can spot potential problems and fix them before they become major issues and affect your profitability.

VisibilityIQ also goes beyond traditional MDM. It quickly processes millions of data points for a network of devices and applies machine learning techniques to give you new and relevant insights into your operations, all in a simplified, single-view.

Zebra VisibilityIQ Features & Benefits

  • Fully-hosted Zebra Cloud platform provides anywhere access to device management system
  • Robust data collection provides access to key metrics (battery power, performance, utilization, location, etc.) via wireless device connections
  • Supports multiple devices, including Zebra mobile computers, Zebra Link-OS network, and some non-Zebra mobile devices powered by Android and iOS
  • Includes VisibilityIQ user guides, best practices, and MDM training
  • Integrates with other MDM systems, like SOTI MobiControl allowing users to extend the functionality of VisibilityIQ to their existing MDM platforms and protecting those investments
  • Personalized, customizable view into data, device operational status, asset data, and custom reports

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