Voice Enablement

A Powerful Tool for Productivity, Accuracy, and Safety

Voice enablement — by itself or combined with other functions such as barcode scanning in a multimodal approach — is a highly effective tool for streamlining supply chain processes such as order picking. If you’ve been hesitant about using voice technology because of concerns over the costs of additional hardware and servers, training, or lengthy implementation, it’s time to take another look. Today’s voice enablement software solutions are fast and efficient and quickly generate ROI.

Let the experts at Miles Data share our knowledgeextensive of the latest innovations in voice technology. We’ll analyze your operations and show you how they can be improved with voice enablement software that’s right for your environment.

Do More in Less Time

Voice technology has been proven to significantly reduce data entry errors, creating accuracy levels as high as 99 percent. Because workers are receiving instructions or support while on the move, they have both hands free for tasks such as picking or unpacking, so their productivity can increase. In addition, safety is increased because workers are paying attention to their surroundings when climbing ladders or lifting boxes instead of their device screens.


Speakeasy allows you to easily add voice to any application. With Speakeasy, voice processing is device-based, so there is no need for a server connection or separate voice-processing hardware. Speech-to-text controls allow workers to adjust volume and repeat or skip messages with verbal commands.


Zebra TekSpeech Pro

TekSpeech Pro is a complete set of tools for developing voice-enabled applications. It works with all types of mobile computers including handhelds, wearables, and vehicle mounts. You can seamlessly integrate it with your warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or other business system.

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