Ivanti (Powered by Wavelink) Speakeasy

Enhance Data Collection with Voice Enablement

Ivanti (powered by Wavelink) Speakeasy allows you to add voice to to your existing terminal emulation(TE) application. Voice enablement complements barcode scanning, RFID, and key entry with speech-to-text data entry. It also helps you improve productivity with voice direction through text-to-speech. Without having to type, warehouse stock pickers and other types of workers have their hands free to do their jobs. The result is greater productivity — and ultimately more satisfied customers who receive accurate orders on time.

The ROI of Voice Enablement

Because Ivanti (powered by Wavelink) Speakeasy is easy to deploy and use, it brings value to your organization in only a short time, enabling your workers to do more during their shifts and increasing efficiency and lowering labor costs.

Ivanti Speakeasy has features that allow you to deploy it at a fraction of the cost of other voice applications. It does not require proprietary voice hardware — in many cases, you can enable voice with existing hardware, and you can also continue to run traditional TE screens in some areas of the warehouse while enabling voice in critical areas where workers need their hands free or safety issues come into play.

In addition, Speakeasy is designed as a 100-percent client side solution that can be easily deployed with its mobile applications.

  • Ease of implementation: can be added to existing mobile deployment in less than 30 days
  • Voice processing is completely device-based, so there is no need for a server, server connection, or separate voice-processing hardware
  • Does not require modifications to the host applications
  • Requires little training and no need for voice profiles
  • Speech-to-text on demand controls allow workers to verbally adjust volume or speed of instructions and use commands such as repeat, skip, and more
  • Customizable elements such as vocabularies, languages, and voices

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