The Zebra DS8100: The Ultimate in Barcode Scanning Performance

These scanners deliver top of the line performance, innovation, and manageability 

Barcode scanning reliability is a key factor in efficient, error-free operations. The Zebra DS1800 series of imaging scanners, including the DS8108, DS8108-SR, and DS8178, delivers superior scanning performance for both 1D and 2D barcodes thanks to an 800MHz microprocessor and advanced decoding algorithms. A scanning range up to 24 inches/61cm and a bright aiming spot helps users rapidly scan items that are passing by on a belt or stored on warehouse shelves.

For the healthcare industry, use DS8001-HC series imagers to provide your healthcare professionals with the tools they need for better workflows and to help improve patient outcomes, with the unparalleled performance you can expect from Zebra.

Complete Scan Solutions for Your Industry

The Zebra DS8100 line includes both corded and cordless scanners to help address a variety of applications. Whether for shipping and receiving, product and component tracking, warehouse picking, tracking work in process (WIP) in light manufacturing, streamlining processes inside healthcare facilities, postal applications or airport, train or bus ticketing, the DS8100 has features that enhance productivity and efficiency.

The corded DS8108-SR includes a high-resolution megapixel sensor and intelligent imaging to ensure a successful scan, even when the barcode is damaged. The DS8178-SR cordless model includes the same powerful decoding technology, and enough battery power to scan continuously for 24 hours. The cordless model also includes a “Wi-Fi Friendly Mode” so the Bluetooth scanners won’t interfere with your WLAN performance.

Zebra DS8100 Product Features

  • DS8100-HC model offers first-of-its kind housing for maximum protection against spread of infection and doubles as a nurse workstation lamp
  • PRZM Intelligent Imaging can quickly decode even poorly printed barcodes
  • Support for Digimarc digital watermark technology
  • Can capture multiple barcodes with one scan
  • Includes Zebra’s Intelligent Document Capture solution
  • Direct Decode Indicator confirms successful scans
  • Can withstand multiple drops to concrete
  • Download Zebra’s Data Capture Devices Brochure

Zebra DS8100-HC

A close up of a medical professional using the Zebra DS8100 to scan a vial of medicine

Why Upgrade Your Scanning Solution?

Older barcode scanning solutions may limit your ability to decode damaged or dirty barcode labels or may not be able to scan both 1D and 2D codes. Upgrading to advanced imaging technology provides superior scan performance of a wider array of barcode symbologies, enabling accurate counts and more efficient data collection.

Miles Data’s experienced staff can provide information on the benefits of the Zebra DS8100 series for your business. Let us show you how these state-of-the-art scanners can take your scanning operations to the next level of reliability and efficiency.

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