Zebra Healthcare Solutions

Transform the delivery of your patient care across your entire organization with Zebra healthcare solutions. With the right applications in place, your clinical or healthcare facility will gain enhanced visibility and connected communications.

With the power of Miles Data’s expert team, and Zebra’s comprehensive understanding of the challenges, issues, and expectations facing today’s healthcare industry, your facility can harness the potential of mobility and printing solutions utilizing the latest in barcode and RFID technology to bring  streamlined workflows, increased productivity, security, and accuracy, for improved patient outcomes to your healthcare delivery.

Zebra’s extensive portfolio of products, including mobile computing, scanners, motion and sensing technologies, printing, and supplies, allow a truly integrated solution to be deployed seamlessly across your healthcare organization.

Business Benefits

Harness the power of technology to transform your healthcare delivery. By giving assets and patients a “digital footprint” your team can achieve new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety. The result is better-informed decisions that are patient-centric, with fewer delays or errors in delivery. Zebra healthcare solutions ensure that the right information is captured, analyzed, and acted upon, in real-time through each stage of patient care.

  • Prevent medical errors and improve patient safety by ensuring the right patient is connected to the right care thru positive patient identification.
  • Real-time visibility into patient records, specimens, mediations, equipment and whereabouts
  • Safeguard patient, staff, and asset safety throughout the facility
  • Track high-value assets and control access with barcoding and radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  • Accurately and efficiently take inventory on a daily basis, making sure the right supplies and medications are on-hand


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The Zebra portfolio of products delivers the integration and security
required to enhance your healthcare delivery.

Barcode Scanning

The Zebra DS4308-HC

The Zebra DS8100

Mobile Computing

The Zebra TC52-HC

The Zebra TC51-HC

The Zebra MC55x Series Mobile Computer

Why is the TC52-HC mobile computer the ultimate in touch computing for healthcare? Download our benefits guide to learn more.

Printing Solutions

The Zebra ZD420-HC Desktop Barcode Printer

The Zebra ZD510-HC Wristband Printer

The ZQ600 Healthcare Series Mobile Printers


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