Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

Optimal Mobile Device Storage and Management for Your Enterprise

Your mobile device storage solution needs adequate space, security features and purposeful design. Without these things, operationally efficiencies can be negatively impacted as employees search for assets, or wait for assets that were never returned to cradles to be charged or updated. There’s a better way to ensure business continuity and productive workflows when it comes to how mobile devices are stored, accessed, tracked and managed. With Zebra Intelligent Cabinets, your operation will benefit from maximized use and productivity of your mobile devices in tandem with high performance and optimal security while ensuring uninterrupted, efficient workflows across all shifts.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets storage solutions offer a diverse portfolio of configurations. From racks and cabinets that offer secure user access and minimize loss or damage of devices to cart solutions tailored to your unique environment. Your picking and packing, stocking, inventory, or courier applications will benefit from increased productivity and efficiencies through software-driven management.

Maximize Efficiencies, Improve Workflows, Enhance Security

Strong, rugged, and durable, Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinets provide fast and easy access to all of your enterprise’s mobile devices. Also, multiple locking options including RFID enabled locks and device cradle locks mitigate loss prevention and ensure that devices are ready to use and available at the start of every shift. Designed and developed with over 15 years of experience, help your enterprise save costs, optimize workflows, enhance performance and security and extend the lifecycle of your mobile devices.

  • Reduce device loss with increased visibility
  • Automate device distribution workflows to free up your workforce as well as quickly track device use
  • User accountability helps prevent asset abuse and damage, minimizing repair costs and downtime
  • Software device management can manage the device’s health to ensure optimum productivity gain per device

Features and Benefits of Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

  • Robust portfolio of configurations including cabinets, racks, cradle locks and customized carts
  • Consolidate and connect devices for battery charging, software updates, health checks, faster access, and more
  • Automate workflows and allocate devices to users more accurately
  • Improve traceability reducing loss, damages, repairs and replacements
  • Open-leaf design allows for passive cooling
  • Wall mounting options
  • Power available on every shelf
  • WiFi and 4G friendly
  • Option to add on Zebra Visibility IQ and OneCare services

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