The Zebra Li2208 is the Next Generation in 1D Scanning

Captures Virtually all 1D Barcodes on any Surface, Including Mobile Phone Displays

You get the same reliability and ergonomics of our most popular scanner, the Zebra Li2208, with enhanced features that let users scan more types of barcodes at a greater distance. And whether workers are scanning barcodes printed on paper labels or electronic barcodes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, this best-in-class linear imager delivers unparalleled performance, every time.

Reliable Operations, Even in Tough Environments

The Zebra Li2208 offers a patented single circuit board improves reliability by eliminating connectors and ribbon cables, which are the most common points of failure. You can drop it and use it in dusty and damp environments and still expect reliable operation. It can withstand over 100 drops at 6 feet onto concrete.

Zebra Li2208 Product Features

  • Flexible modes – handheld and presentation
  • Superior motion and angular tolerance
  • Industry-leading working range
  • Hands-free intellistand; auto-host detect cables

Zebra Li2208

zebra_li2208 - Miles Data

Benefits of Barcode Scanning

For quick, efficient, accurate data collection, consider barcode scanning technology. Regardless of whether your business uses ID, 2D, or QR (quick response) codes, general purpose barcode scanners enable you to automate data capture. Your employees will be able to send the data you need to your business applications simply by scanning codes, and this enables managers to have a real-time view of operations there is no need for wait for an employee to key in data. Barcode scanners enhance employee productivity, and they are constructed with an ergonomic design that helps employees maintain their productivity the entire time they are working.
Miles Data can explain the benefits of using the Zebra Li2208 as a part of a data collection solution.

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