Zebra Workforce Connect

Remove Complexity from Warehouse Communications

Zebra’s Workforce Connect allows companies to combine all voice and data communications in a single mobile computer, including push-to-talk (PTT), PBX telephony, and messaging so that employees can reach co-workers, managers, customers, and access data through an integrated, easy-to-use interface.

While workers in manufacturing, warehouse, and other industrial environments are armed with mobile computers, they often rely on a combination of walkie-talkies, overhead paging, and even their own personal phones to communicate with each other. Workforce Connect takes the complexity out of communications, and makes it easier and less frustrating for managers and staff to quickly locate team members, initiate calls, and easily put together conference calls for relay important information.

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All-in-One Connectivity and Communication for the Enterprise

Workforce Connect is a modular system that lets you choose the functionality you need today — and add new functionality when you need it in the future. The family of Workforce Connect products includes:

Workforce Connect Voice Client

Leading PBX systems are supported with many of the features and functions your business requires. Calls routed through PBX are important to your business, and Workforce Connect Voice gives you a cost-effective alternative to PBX handsets — and it allows you to streamline workflows by allowing your employees to use just one device for voice and mobile computing.

Workforce Connect PTT Pro

Equip your collaborative team with the ability to reach any other employee, whether inside or outside the four walls, with Workforce Connect PTT Pro. This service works on Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and on Zebra mobile computers, third-party mobile phones, and Windows computers to give your entire workforce push-to-talk and messaging capabilities.

Workforce Connect Enterprise Messaging

Your employees can send secure text messages over any Wi-Fi or cellular network. (Workforce Connect Enterprise Messaging is included in Workforce Connect PTT Pro).

Workforce Connect PTT Express

For workforces of up to 75 people within the four walls, Workforce Connect PTT Express provides out-of-the-box PTT communications on compatible devices over your existing Wi-Fi network.

Zebra Workforce Connect Features and Benefits

  • Employees are more productive and well-informed
  • Standardized interface reduces user training requirements
  • Eliminate the need for separate voice devices, which reduces hardware costs and complexity
  • Messaging features allow employees to send secure text messages via their mobile devices
  • Support for both PTT and PBX call capabilities
  • PTT group calling allows users with different types of devices/operating systems to easily connect
  • Connect to thousands of users via the Cloud or your existing Wi-Fi network

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