ZebraAlthough you may not always “see” Zebra, our solutions can be found working behind the scenes across almost every major industry around the globe. Zebra devices, services and software ensure that every employee and asset is visible and connected to the data they need when they need it.

In ever-changing and fast paced front-line industries like transportation and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail/eCommerce, (just to name a few) more is expected from your business every day. You need technology that provides more accuracy, more efficiency and more durability than ever before. This is why the engineers at Zebra use decades of experience to build and develop scanners, tablets, mobile computers and printers with the sole purpose of helping your business perform at its best.

Achieve strategic performance edge. Guide your workforce with clear and accurate insights. Optimize operations, workflows and decisions in real-time for impactful, efficient results with solutions from Zebra.

Zebra has more than 10,000 partners across 100 countries and provides better visibility by developing industry-specific, end-to-end solutions that intelligently connect people, assets and data to help our customers make the best business-critical decisions.


Mobile Computers and Tablets

Without the right tools, your workers cannot succeed in keeping your organization ahead of the competition. In a modern world where businesses are connected digitally, they must be able to perform their tasks in smarter, faster and better ways. With Zebra’s portfolio of software tools and mobile computing hardware, your employees can continually raise their performance levels.

Zebra offers a range of mobile computer design forms for all use cases to ensure your workers are equipped properly. We offer everything from Zebra handhelds and Zebra tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers. With robust built-in software intelligence Zebra’s mobile computer solutions, whether they run on Windows® or Android™ operating systems, enable your employees to always perform at their best around the clock.

Our Range of Mobile Computers and Tablets Below:



You expect your printers to perform seamlessly. Printer performance should be flawless – almost invisible. When your printers go down, so do your business operations. You can remove this major inconvenience with Zebra printers.

Our printers are specifically designed to be durable, self reliant workhorses. Set up is simple. Our printers are designed with quality construction and an outstanding performance-enhancing Print DNA software toolset.

Zebra printers give you the peace of mind to print with confidence by providing you with more than 50 years of thermal printing innovation. Our printers deliver autonomy and intelligence. Unlike other brands on the market, they also provide security. You should never compromise on the durability and reliability of your printers.

Our Range of Printers Below:


Barcode Scanners

Never be caught off guard by issues with your barcode scanner. Nothing should ever come between you and your scanner needs. With a barcode scanner from Zebra, you can capture data with unsurpassed abilities that have been developed and continuously refined by a company with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation. We provide a wide portfolio of high-value, high-quality scanner options for every purpose and price point.

Our barcode scanners give you the ability to scan nonstop around the clock, even in harsh conditions. Damaged and dirty barcodes are no longer an issue because Zebra anticipates every challenge. Scan anything, anytime, anywhere no matter the condition.

You may be purchasing a barcode scanner, but what you are really looking to acquire are its scanning abilities. With Zebra barcode scanners you get consistent scans every time. No more issues and no more surprises. Zebra accepts no limitations and anticipates future data capture needs to keep you at the forefront of technology.

Our Range of Barcode Scanners Below:



With the zebra RFID scanner, you get the most comprehensive, field-proven RFID portfolio on the market with unmatched accuracy and interoperability. Minimize the headaches of using multi-vendor solutions. Zebra brings to the table decades of expertise in software development and design thinking to successfully reach the highest levels of RAIN RFID efficiency.

Connect it all – every device, system, asset, tag and worker into a fully scaled and consistent platform that predicts real-world challenges, elevates the performance of each component and automates processes to allow employees to accomplish more.

With our RFID scanner you are in charge, but not alone. Zebra provides an ecosystem of partners and support resources to guide you forward in a clear and hassle-free way.

Our Range of RFID Below:

About Zebra

About-ZebraFounded as Data Specialties by Ed Kaplan and Gary Cless in 1969, Zebra Technologies has grown to be the pioneer at the edge of industry-tailored, end-to-end solutions. For more than 50 years Zebra Technologies has intelligently connected people, assets and data to help our customers make smart business-critical decisions.

Now with more than 10,000 partners across 100 countries, Zebra continues to help businesses and people find their competitive edge.

Year Founded: 1969
Channel Partners: 10,000+
Employees: ∼8,800
Patents: 5,300+
Global Offices: 128+ in 54 countries
Zebra Portfolio: Specialty printing and supplies, barcode scanning, mobile computing and rugged tablets, RFID and real-time location systems (RTLS), intelligent workforce management and execution solutions, data services and prescriptive analytics, support managed and professional services, intelligent automation systems

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